Simulation CFD Vacuum

Exa’s Power Suite: Focusing on the CFD Specialist

In this post, you’ll find an overview of Exa’s Power suite of software products as well as my commentary and analysis.

Simulation FEA Bellows

COMSOL: A Different Multi-Physics Approach

In this post, I detail some of the critical capabilities of COMSOL’s software products and add in my own commentary and analysis.

Design Engineers and Analysts Both Enable Simulation Driven Design

This finding reveals which engineering roles are empowering simulation driven design initiatives.

MCAD Interoperability: Exchange Volume Matters

This finding shows that the processes, procedures and technologies used for design data interoperability varies greatly upon exchange volume.

Communication: The New Frontier in Engineering

The role of engineers is changing. More than ever, communication is critical. This eBook explores this topic and the technologies used to support it.

3D CAD Model Gears and Bushings

The Trend Towards CAD Consolidation, Not CAD Standardization

For years, CAD standardization and consolidation have meant the same thing. But with advances in CAD tools, the meaning of those phrases are diverging.

Arena Exchange: Secure Yet Hands-Free Collaboration

This post provides an overview of the capabilities that this new product, Arena Exchange, provides as well as my commentary and analysis on what it means for engineering organizations.

Concurrent Product Development: Problem Solved or Issue Ignored?

This post reviews the value proposition of Concurrent Product Development, originally powered by CAD, as well as revisits why it is no longer a central topic in the industry.

Tops Methods of Exchanging, Translating and Modifying Design Data

This finding uncovers some concerning methods of exchanging, translating and modifying design data.