Engineering Education Now: The Widening Skills Gap

Engineering Education Now: The Widening Skills Gap

The STEM skills gap is growing quickly. Yet, many engineering colleges still employ a weed-out curriculum. This post explores this issue in greater detail.

Simulation Capabilities in Mentor’s Xpedition

This post reviews the simulation capabilities of the new release of Mentor’s Xpedition as well as its ability to empower electrical engineers to make better decisions earlier.

Disambiguating the Digital Twin

There’s lots of confusion around the Digital Twin. In this post and video, provide an overview of the three definitions used in the industry and highlight the one we use.

System Engineering Capabilities in Mentor’s Capital Suite

In this video, Chad Jackson discusses the system engineering capabilities in Mentor’s Capital solution and why they are important to companies making complex, smart, connected products.

Accelerating Board Systems Development with Pervasive Simulation

Respins are costly, both in terms of time and money. This eBook shares findings from our most recent study that shows board verification and simulation pay off in a big way.

Model-Based Definition Powering the Digital Twin

A complete digital representation of the product delivers benefits throughout product development. Chad Jackson gives an orientation on the intersection of Digital Transformation initiatives and Model-Based Definitions, powering the use of Digital Twins.

Webinar hosted by Siemens PLM.

Early Electronics Simulation: Is It Really Worth It?

Manufacturers have learned the hard way: multiple respins are detrimental to the health of product development. In this webinar, Chad Jackson shares findings from Lifecycle Insights’ most recent research study analyzing the use of early, pervasive electronics simulation and checks.

Webinar hosted by NAFEMS.

Lockheed’s Agile System Engineering Transition

Over the course of the last year, I’ve found that advocates of system engineering share some common beliefs. The transition to smart, connected products is driving increased development complexity. System engineering is a means to mitigate that increasing complexity. Yet, system engineering can slow things down. While attending the INCOSE (International Council of System Engineering) Symposium …

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Solid Edge Expands Its Boundaries

This post shares electrical / electronic, modeling, cloud data management, and simulation updates to the Solid Edge offering from the 2018 user group event.