Implications for CAD in the Cloud

The rules of mechanical design are changing. CAD is no longer chained to the desktop. In this webinar, Chad Jackson leads the audience through the implications, both big and small, of moving CAD to the Cloud.

Webinar hosted by Autodesk.

How Generative Design Will Rock Product Development for Forward Thinking Design Teams

Generative Design is a white-hot topic. Many are trying to wrap their minds about how this exciting new technology affects design. In this webinar, Chad Jackson steers a discussion through the implications of these new tools on how engineers design in the near future.

Webinar hosted by Design World.

Designing in Virtual Reality: Making Ironman’s Jarvis Real

Ever daydream about designing in virtual reality with Ironman’s Jarvis? Analyzing new technologies, this post suggests it may become reality soon.

The Next Generation of Design

Reverse Engineering, Generative Design, and 3D Printing are all approaches engineers can use to design faster and better. Yet, in each case, they must deal with Mesh Geometry. This eBook highlights new technologies that can help.

Siemens PLM’s Vision: Realizing the Complete Digital Twin

Siemens PLM’s vision is to empower customers to realize digital twins of products. This post assesses the provider’s ability to deliver on their vision. Last week, Siemens PLM held their annual analyst event in Boston to give us some insight into their top-level vision. After two and a half days of presentations from various executives, …

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Simulation Results

ANSYS’ Discovery Live: Promising Instant Analysis

Discovery Live is a new software application from ANSYS promising real-time simulation. This post reviews its capabilities and their ability to produce. If there is one commonality in most software product announcements today, it’s hyperbole. Trend X will completely change the industry! Manufacturers that don’t adapt will be out of business in five years! It …

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Enabling Simulation Driven Design

Simulation driven design has long held great promise. This eBook provides new guidance on how to reap the most benefit

Adopting System Engineering: All, None or… Just a Little?

Many experts boastfully claim that organizations must adopt all system engineering practices to reap any benefits. This post challenges that stance. All of it. You need all of it. That’s the message that seems to float around system engineering practices and principles. You see, while I attended a number of conferences over the course of the …

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The NC Machining Study

This study researched the business priorities as well as the tactical practices and technologies of modern machine shops.