The Impact of System Level Prototype Failures

Anecdotally, we know that failures with system testing are bad. But how does it affect design release? In this video, we review a finding from our research that quantifies the connection.

The Future of Mechanical Design (Bundle)

Recent years have generated a burst of new innovation for mechanical CAD applications. Generative Design promises a new way to engineer products. The cloud stands as a new means to collaborate. New modeling approaches promise new, more effective ways of manipulating geometry. 3D printing might upend the traditional approach to design. This bundle of five publications shares educational materials, thought leadership, and findings from recent research studies that allow anyone to get up to speed and gain insight into the future of mechanical design.

Transforming Global Supplier Collaboration while Securing IP

Suppliers play an increasingly important role in product development. As a result, manufacturers face a crucial question: how do you enable IP secure collaboration? Chad Jackson provides some context and solutions in this webinar.

Webinar hosted by Aras.

PostProcess Technologies’ Connected3D: Design for Additive PostProcessing

During the additive post-processing phase of design, most steps need to be carried out manually in order to clean the printed product. Enter PostProcess Technologies, the company that helps you automate and standardize the post-processing procedure. Chad Jackson gives us insight into how their software performs during the last stages of additive design.

nCode: Automating Simulation and Test for Durability and Fatigue Prediction

nCode by HBM Prenscia is a platform that helps engineers conduct durability analysis and predict fatigue failure. Chad Jackson reviews and provides insight on this solution in today’s video.

Anark: What is it? What’s the value?

Anark software has taken #MBD and created a way for it to be shared, edited, and published easily. Chad Jackson takes us through how it compares to older processes of sharing and MBD.

OpenBOM: Whats It Do? Whats the Value?

In this video, Chad Jackson gives some insight into what OpenBOM can do and the value it can deliver. Watch for more details.

SOLIDWORKS CAM: Generating Toolpaths from MBD PMI

SOLIDWORKS supports a Model-Based Enterprise effort in a number of ways. One important one is automating machining. In this video, we offer an overview of how SOLIDWORKS reads semantic PMI to automatically create sets of NC toolpaths.

What is a Model Based Enterprise?

This video provides a clear and concise introduction to how a Model-Based Definition can be used within a company, turning it into a Model-Based Enterprise.

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