Empowering Design Simulation in a Multi-CAD World

Engineers are a first-hand witness to the accelerated product development cycles manufacturer’s face today. They have found ways to speed development and ensure products performance, primarily through simulation. Running simulations carries it own set of challenges: working with designs from suppliers that come in a wide array of CAD formats. Let’s review solutions available which …

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Engineering Education Now: How Important are Engineering Managers?

The leaders of Google used data and analytics to discover the traits of good engineering managers and the influence these managers exert on their teams.

Is There a Cloud on Your ECAD Horizon?

We devote a lot of our resources to participating in conferences, press briefings, and webinars covering innovative and trending solutions designed to help product designers and engineers do their jobs better.

Modular Plant Design: More Variation, Lower Complexity

Modular design approaches allow engineers to increase reuse and customer options simultaneously. But transitioning to this method is not easy. In this webinar, Chad Jackson gives some background on this trend and what technologies act as key enablers.

Webinar hosted by Siemens PLM.

The Engineering Executive's Conundrum

The Engineering Executive’s Conundrum

Change initiatives represent a real opportunity for improvement… and disruption. In this post, we talk about this catch-22 for engineering executives.

SOLIDWORKS World Takeaway: Brands Receding, Platform Rising

What was the biggest takeaway from SOLIDWORKS World 2019? The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is finally being felt.

Houston Education

Engineering Education Now: the State of Houston Education

The state of Houston education is vibrant and offers many options in the city striving to be the smart city of the world.

The ROI Guide of Machine Shops

Turning a profit in today’s economic environment is no easy task. This report presents findings from Lifecycle Insights’ NC Machining study with a particular focus on driving profitable growth.

Aras Innovator’s Investments in Simulation and Systems Engineering

Many of today’s PLM solutions are notably not focused on enhancing functionality to support engineering, instead focusing on capabilities for other aspects of this business. In this video, we talk about how Aras has invested in simulation and system engineering capabilities for Innovator.