What is Digitalization?

The term ‘Digitalization’ has been floating around more prominently this year. What is it? What is involved? Is it new? We answer those questions in this video.

Unity for Product Development: Real Value or Just a Game?

Unity is often associated with gaming, but it provides a surprising number of advanced capabilities for product development. Chad Jackson gives us an in-depth review of the prospects and applications on this platform.

The ROI of Augmented Reality in Product Development

AR and VR have captured the imagination of many manufacturers. Yet, its cost justification and ROI isn’t always obvious. In this video, Chad Jackson recaps several categories of ROI for AR from a Liveworx session

Is PLM A Never-Ending Journey?

Some suggest that the ongoing expansion of PLM can go on forever in the context of continuous improvement. Chad Jackson gives his perspective on this controversial question.

Wincom: What is it? What’s the value?

Most companies are going to customize PLM to some extent. The question becomes how do you manage and update that customization when you upgrade to new releases of your PLM system. Wincom provides a cloud solution to manage customizations for PTC Windchill that’s unique. Watch an overview by Chad Jackson in the video.

Powering Engineering Collaboration across Product Development (Bundle)

Engineering collaboration is a key component of any successful product development process. It occurs between engineers within the same discipline and across disciplines. It happens early and throughout the process as engineers work with procurement agents, tool designers, NC programmers, quality inspectors and more. This bundle includes four publications that share educational materials, thought leadership, and findings from recent research studies on these topics and more.

Cross-Probing with NX, Capital, and Xpedition

Not long ago, Siemens PLM Software and Mentor Graphics announced integrations between NX, their Mechanical CAD application, Capital, their harness design ECAD application, and Xpedition, their board design ECAD application. There’s an infrequently cited capability there called interactive highlighting or cross-probing. In this video, Chad Jackson provides an overview of what it is and why it is important.

The State of Simulation Driven Design

Have we made the transition to using simulation to drive design decisions? Chad Jackson shares some research that says we’re not quite there yet.

MapleMBSE: What is it? What’s the value?

Democratization has long been an issue with MBSE initiatives. Systems engineers develop carefully crafted architectures. Yet, few others downstream participate in the process. Maplesoft now offers an interesting solution for this issue: MapleMBSE. It is an Excel-based solution that offers broad-based access to systems models. In this video, Chad Jackson provides some insight into this tool.