What is the State of Generative Design?

Is the technology ready? Maybe. Are people and processes ready? Well. We cover both issues in this post and video on the state of Generative Design.

Engineering student using drill in metalwork class

Engineering Education Now: Industry Partnerships

Universities across the United States are investing millions of dollars in innovation centers. These centers are noteworthy for their modern designs and sophisticated equipment. We’ve previously explored how some centers focus on engineering and entrepreneurship, while others focus on blending engineering with other disciplines. Industry Partnerships to Create Innovation Innovation centers focus on partnering with …

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Designing Smart, Connected Products: ECAD-MCAD Collaboration for Better Harness Design

The move towards the smart, connected products is driving many changes across development. In this webinar, Chad Jackson explores one improvement opportunity on this front: early and continuous collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineers on electrical harness design.

Webinar hosted by Siemens PLM.

What is Simulation-Driven Design?

What is Simulation-Driven Design (SDD)? We provide a concise overview of this type of engineering initiative in this post and video.

Engineering Students Team Designing Start up Concept

Engineering Education Now: Encouraging Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial mindset can be a valuable skill for engineers. Universities are therefore building innovation centers where entrepreneurship is encouraged.

The INCOSE Symposium: Should You Attend?

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) holds an annual International Symposium event every year. Should you go? We give some guidance in this video.

Mentor’s System Vision

This post provides an overview of Mentor’s System Vision, a 1D modeling and simulation tool for analog mixed signal systems.

Collaboration on Board Systems Design: Is It An Opportunity?

Is there an opportunity for more electrical-mechanical collaboration within board systems design? Let’s make sure we’re on the same page before we go any further. First off, what’s involved? We’re talking about taking the board layout in ECAD and communicating that to the 3D assembly in the mechanical application. Why is that needed, and what’s …

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Engineering Students in Innovation Center

Engineering Education Now: Creating Innovation

Engineers are now expected to have a multi-disciplinary knowledge base. Universities are responding by building innovation centers where different disciplines can collaborate.