Engineering Education Now: the Chief Technology Officer

As products become more and more infused with technology, the C-suite’s Chief Technology Officer role only becomes more key.

Soft Returns in Cost Justifications

In covering technology-led engineering initiatives, we get asked a lot of questions about return-on-investment. Many include soft returns, focusing on productivity. In this video, Chad Jackson points out the shortcomings in soft returns.

General Motor’s Deployment of Aras Innovator

General Motors is now working with Aras Innovator on a number of substantial programs. We break down how they are implementing this software.

STEM diversity drives innovation

How is Engineering Documentation Managed Today?

How are companies managing engineering documentation? We break it down in one of our recent studies.

Onshape’s Latest Progress Data Management and More

Onshape has gone through a few changes recently. From data management to branching, we’ve broken down the companies latest improvements.

Cloud Enabled Digital Transformation of Product Development

Day by day, the use of cloud-based solutions is expanding. Is it ready for product development? This report shares findings from Lifecycle Insights’ Cloud Adoption study, identifying the biggest development improvement opportunities where cloud solutions have a fit.

Digitalization and the Digital Thread: The Foundation of Tech-Led Initiatives (Bundle)

Digitalization and the Digital Thread are two fundamental concepts that enable a wide range of engineering, technology-led initiatives. This bundle includes six publications that offer educational materials, thought leadership, and findings from recent research studies to get anyone oriented on the application of Digitalization and the Digital Thread to the modernization of product development.

Engineering Education Now: The CIO Role

Of all the positions in the C-suite, the CIO role has been traditionally viewed as the old reliable of tech. But the CIO role has recently undergone a sea change.

The Holistic View of Model-Based Enterprise Initiatives (Bundle)

Model-Based Enterprise initiatives hold great promise. Yet, many have questions before taking action. Are MBE initiatives mainstream? How does an MBD flow from one organization to another? Are suppliers ready now? What more is needed than mechanical CAD? This bundle includes seven publications that present educational materials, thought leadership, and findings from recent research studies to answer those questions. As a result, all gain clarity on MBE initiatives.