To achieve this, a company’s product development IT ecosystem plays an important role, helping organizations develop smart, connected products on time and on budget. This brief shares findings from a Lifecycle Insights study on what solution types improve organizational performance with a focus on mechanical design.

Computer Aided Engineering Trends: Digital Twin

Lifecycle Insights CEO and Chief Analyst Chad Jackson and Industry Analyst Arvind Krishnan discussed the latest computer aided engineering trends. Here’s the transcript from their discussion: Chad Jackson: Hey everybody. Thanks for joining us today. We’re going to be talking about digital twins and what’s been going on in different events. This will be an …

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Anark: Accessing Product Development Information Across Systems

Here’s the ugly little secret about product development. People need access to a lot of information and in a lot of different systems, but often don’t get it. Today, let’s talk about Anark. The State of Product Development Information Let’s talk about product development and the information you need to make proper decisions. Today, there …

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What Makes CENIT’s FASTSUITE Manufacturing Solution Different?

Do we really need another set of manufacturing planning and virtual commissioning tools? Let’s talk about CENIT. Who is CENIT? CENIT is a company that’s actually been around for a while. There are several different divisions of the company. There’s consulting services. There’s actually a group that provides Dassault Systèmes a lot of their manufacturing …

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THE DIGITAL APPROACH TO INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY DESIGN: Creating Equipment that Increases Cycle Speed and Improves Yields

This eBook provides an overview of the latest advances modern companies are harnessing to develop more complex machinery and equipment on shorter schedules. We highlight several common development challenges and the progressive approaches, including practices and technologies, that best address them.

BUILDING SMART, CONNECTED PRODUCTS: Leading Manufacturers Reduce Product Development Challenges with These Key Technology Enablers

This eBook examines the methods and key technology enablers that keep manufacturers competitive during the transition to smart, connected products. It also shares exclusive findings from the Lifecycle Insights 2020 Engineering Executive’s Strategic Agenda study.

3DEXPERIENCE Twin – A Manufacturing Perspective

In the past 18 months, the manufacturing industry has experienced a number of powerful disruptors. Between uncertainty in product demand, disruption in the supply chain, and new social distancing norms, organizations have had to find ways to make their lines more flexible. 3DEXPERIENCE Twin is a digital twin that has broad applications from product design …

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Siemens’ Executable Digital Twin

Over the past few years, the digital twin (DT) has gained popularity. Yet, DT has different meanings for different vendors and, as a result, manufacturers are still trying to understand its usefulness. Will Siemens’ executable digital twin (xDT) prove to be any different? Baselining the  Digital Twin The DT is a digital representation of a …

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Oracle: Moving PLM to the Cloud

What does Oracle’s move to the cloud have to do with PLM? Why is it important? A few years ago, Oracle started to transition a lot of its enterprise systems into the cloud. They’ve had a PLM solution for a while. They acquired one many years ago and it’s certainly capable. There’s no doubt about …

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