Product Lifecycle Management is a crucial enabler for Digital Transformation initiatives. PLM powers the complete, digital definition of a product across engineering domains and functional departments. It drives and automates digital processes within and across companies. It is a fundamental building block to Digital Transformation. This report explains how to plan and deploy PLM in support of a Digital Transformation effort.

Altair SimSolid: What is it, What Does it Do and Why is It Different?

What is Altair SimSolid? Altair SimSolid is a structural analysis tool meant to be used in the design phase.  It helps engineers get insight into the performance of their designs so they can make better decisions. Now, we hear that a lot about a lot of different tools. So why is SimSolid different? Let’s dive …

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Let’s talk about 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS and what it means, how it’s organized, what people are going to be using, and get a little clarity on that. So first off, how is it organized and what is it? What Is 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS? 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS is a set of solutions for the SMB space. It’s meant to …

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Virtual Commissioning in Germany

Today, powerful modeling tools and compatible information standards make virtual commissioning accessible to all manufacturers. This article summarizes the state of the art in virtual commissioning, much of it developed by German researchers.

Virtual Commissioning in the Packaging Industry

Many companies want to upgrade commissioning processes with new technology, to increase efficiency and help gain or maintain their competitive edge. Learn how one packaging company has used virtual commissioning to support their digital transformation.

The Equipment Supplier’s Guide to Profitable RFQ Processes

This survey-based research report shares responses from 135 suppliers and buyers involved in RFQ processes. It provides fact-based guidance on RFQ strategies and tactics. It also clears up many misconceptions and offers insights into buyers’ priorities. Suppliers can use this as a map for profitable growth.

The Blurring Line between Virtual Commissioning and Digital Twins

The lines are blurring between virtual commissioning and digital twins. In this article, we’ll discuss each of these simulation techniques, when and how they are implemented and the impact of virtual commissioning and digital twin’s on today’s production systems.

MBSE and Virtual Commissioning: Do the Two Intersect?

The engineers who design production systems are not strangers to complexity. This raises the question: Can systems engineering be applied to the development of production systems? Let’s explore how, by discussing systems engineering and model-based system engineering.

The Digital Thread: Is It Applicable to Virtual Commissioning?

Digitization is complicated. In this post, we’ll explain and examine the emerging Digital Thread concept, investigate where the Digital Thread intersects virtual commissioning, the impact this concept has on organizations, and the opportunities a Digital Thread can bring to businesses.