ANSYS Discovery: Enhancing Simulation-Driven Product Development for Design Engineers and Analysts

ANSYS Discovery’s latest release introduces a new set of capabilities augmenting the experience for design engineers and analysts. Now both parties can seamlessly perform simulations and collaborate across the product development lifecycle.

Design Silos: Overcome the Communication Gap to Develop Complex Products

Engineers from many different domains design and build today’s complex products. They commonly work in silos, which can cause problems that eat up time and money down the line. Design silos aren’t going anywhere, but companies can manage them—and improve product development—by supporting frictionless communication and collaboration.

Article by Chad Jackson on Aras Open PLM Community Blog

Driving Faster Innovation with Modeling and Simulation: Panel Discussion at 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling & Simulation Conference

Join us for a panel discussion on “Driving Faster Innovation with Modeling and Simulation” during Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE MODSIM conference on Oct 13.

The Automotive Program Management Research Report: Identifying Challenges and Flawed Practices in Supplier’s Automotive Programs

Vehicle programs drive the structure of today’s global automotive supply chain. To better gauge the state of supplier program management today, Lifecycle Insights executed a research project called the 2021 Automotive Program Management Study. Today’s automotive suppliers must deal with more complicated original equipment manufacturer requirements, truncated schedules, and other challenges that make it harder to keep programs on time, on spec, and within budget.

Bruker Alicona’s MetMaX: The Role of Software in Optical CMM

An optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is now a necessary tool in industrial manufacturing and forms the backbone of modern metrology. And as automation becomes more prevalent in industrial manufacturing, the need for advanced software solutions to work with and control these CMMs has grown. Bruker Alicona’s MetMaX metrology software solution includes many industry-changing features …

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The ROI of Digital Transformation Benchmark Report

This report shares the findings of Lifecycle Insights’ 2021 ROI of DX Study. It offers new insights into the various drivers motivating manufacturers to invest in DX improvements, the benchmarking methodology used to compare companies, and the enablers of DX initiatives that are providing different manufacturers the ability to better manage the rising complexity demanded in today’s market.

The digital twin’s changing role

Manufacturing organizations are increasingly looking to digital twins to save time and money in the product development lifecycle. In this Siemens’ blog post, Chad Jackson discusses how these virtual models of both products and plants help organizations streamline the product development process from design to operation and leverage the symbiotic relationship between plants and products to gain insights that power more informed decisions.


Profitability requires the right balance between cost and performance. This is a complex undertaking when designing plastic parts. Manufacturers want to drive down costs and time-to-market while maintaining or exceeding product performance levels. Suppliers and job shops must have accurate project estimates before providing a quote to avoid taking on unprofitable jobs, or losing work.

This report focuses on the plastic part design cycle. It introduces a progressive approach to address these challenges,

The Manager’s Survival Guide to Digital Engineering

Taking a digital engineering approach to manufacturing—one composed of architecture-driven and model-based engineering—offers significant advantages (not to mention tangible benefits both in terms of time and costs). Yet, change is never easy. How can engineering executives ease the transformation? This Survival Guide to Digital Engineering will help create a path to success.