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A Kickstarter Project to Crowdfund MBD Research

Its been a little over two years since we launched our last study on Model Based Definitions (MBD) and Model Based Enterprise (MBE) initiatives. In that time, a lot has changed. A plethora of new technologies have emerged, making it more feasible. More companies are investigating it to understand its feasibility and benefits. More are recognizing the cultural and process changes that are needed to make such an effort truly successful.

Yet, there still are some big challenges. Many organizations still struggle with understanding the business value, of there is any at all, of pursuing such an initiative. A number of engineering leaders designated the justification of the initiative to executives as a challenge. In fact, it was the top challenge out of the last study. So therein lies the focus for this upcoming study: return on investment. The research and its associated report will zoom in on the granular differences between organizations that have and have not adopted MBD practices.

That focus, though, isn’t the only change. This time around, it is a Kickstarter Project. That’s right. We’re looking for crowdfunding to back the development of the report. We have partners lined up in the form of, Desktop Engineering, the Product Innovation Congress, Action Engineering and the 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress to gather respondents. Now, all we need to do is make it financially viable.

To that end, whether you are a manufacturer looking for answers or a technology provider looking for insights, we’d appreciate your support for this project. In fact, there are reward packages where you can join the Research Board and participate in the study’s process.

So with all that in mind, head on over to our Kickstarter Project page and help fund us. Thanks!

When it comes to Generative Design, we’re looking at two technologies: topology optimization and biomimicry. What are the differences, and which one is more widely available? Watch our video now for the answers to these questions.

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