Let’s take a quick look at how the small business owner can incorporate and use 3DEXPERIENCE Works for broad lifecycle support in the cloud computing era. A traditional small business structure may include separate departments that may need access to the same data while others do not. Pre-cloud computing meant that internally a company would need to set up separate access to systems that were replicated for each department.

As an example, a small business that has engineering, procurement, and manufacturing departments under its umbrella needs to make accommodations for each. Departments may need to share key information such as procurement and manufacturing data.

 This may mean establishing login protocols for information sharing using internal VPNs and more cumbersome and complex systems to allow access for remote or temporary workers. In this instant let’s assume that the engineering department does not need to grant access to either the procurement or manufacturing team. This means that at least three distinctive sets of programming have to be managed, with distinctive logins and permissions, a cumbersome process.

Then there are clients, buyers, partners, and others outside the company who need access to a subset of the information for interaction capabilities. This adds yet another layer of IT challenges to in-house systems.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Company systems that are behind on-premises firewalls inhibit expansion in the new world of business. Small businesses are embracing the gig economy whether out of necessity or because it offers them access to a wide range of talents. Temporary access to company info and data in on-premises systems is easier served with a cloud-based program solution.

Small businesses have heard the message and are moving to the cloud. When companies opt for multiple cloud-based solutions that replicate their on-premises network, the same challenges arise. Separate ERP, CAD, procurement, and other systems still need an effective way of merging and granting access. Moving to cloud-based programming is easier and managed for small businesses. If the processes can not be tied together to give team members, clients, buyers, and gig workers a complete picture without accessing multiple systems the complexity issue is not resolved.

3DEXPIRENCE Works Platform

The 3DEXPIRENCE Works offers a cloud-based solution that small businesses can adapt to their specifications. It unites all the separate programs to give complete 3D view operations yet allows for restricted access to Team Members both remote and in-house. It also allows for easy onboarding for temporary gig workers for a limited time. The solutions are integrated into the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform for collaborative seamless access. For the small business owner, 3DEXPERIENCE Works offers broad lifecycle support for effective cloud-based computing.