Software Profile: NX from Siemens PLM

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Siemens PLM, What is MCAD?

NX is a longstanding combined desktop CAD and CAE software application with mature capabilities.

From a modeling perspective, you’ll find a well developed set of parametric feature-based functionality you would expect from any CAD application that’s been around for a while. But the most interestingly, tools from Siemens PLM’s Synchronous Technology has been integrated into NX in unique ways. It powers direct modeling modifications by backing them into the feature-based history of the model (more details in ST in NX: It’s Not About Direct Modeling). But furthermore, they have integrated Synchronous Technology into numerous NX 2D environments, improving on how sketcher and drafting tools handle 2D design, drawing and layouts today (more details in 2D Synchronous Technology in NX: Overlooked Technology of the Year?)

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