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Overview of Siemens PLM

  • Offers software solutions in the form of desktop applications, mobile apps and server-based systems and implementation services
  • Provides solutions that support the design, testing, manufacturing, operations and sourcing stages of the product lifecycle
  • Serves discrete-, process- and fashion-based product manufacturers
  • Focuses on systems, mechanical hardware and software aspects of discrete products as well as recipe and formulation for process products and all aspects of fashion products

Note that coverage of Siemens PLM on this site concentrates on their offerings that focus on design, testing and manufacturing for discrete manufacturers.

Siemens PLM Products and Services

  • NX is a software application with modules providing capabilities to design, analyze and manufacture mechanical components, including:
  • LMS is a suite of software applications that provide capabilities to simulate and test electro-mechanical aspects of products, including:
    • LMS System Simulation provides system engineering modeling and simulation capabilities of Model Based System Engineering (MBSE).
    • LMS 3D Simulation provides capabilities to capture physical test behaviors and integrate them into simulations.
    • LMS Testing Solutions provides capabilities to capture, analyze and report on test results. These capabilities fall under Test Management.
  • Teamcenter provides the data management capabilities of Product Data Management (PDM) as well as the process execution, sharing and collaboration and reporting and oversight capabilities of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It also provides Simulation Data Management (SDM) capabilities to manage simulation artifacts.
  • Tecnomatix provides capabilities to model, design and simulate the production process within and across manufacturing facilities. These capabilities fall under Manufacturing Planning
  • Fibersim provides composite design capabilities.
  • Seat Design Environment provides fabric layup and design capabilities for the Automotive industry.

Siemens PLM offers a solution set tailored for small to mid-sized manufacturers. It includes:

  • Solid Edge provides 2D and 3D geometry creation and manipulation capabilities from a direct and parametric modeling perspective of MCAD.
  • FEMAP provides structural, vibrational, dynamic and thermal analysis capabilities of MCAE.
  • CAM Express provides milling, turning and wire EDM CNC programming capabilities of MCAM.
  • Solid Edge for SharePoint provides CAD Data Management capabilities of PDM.