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Overview of MSC Software

  • Offers software solutions in the form of desktop applications, server-based systems and implementation services
  • Provides solutions that support the design and manufacturing stages of the product lifecycle
  • Serves discrete-based product manufacturers
  • Focuses on system, mechanical hardware and software aspects of discrete products

MSC Software Products and Services

  • MSC Software offers a number of general purpose simulation solutions for large companies, including:
    • Apex is a software application with 3D geometry creation and manipulation capabilities from a direct modeling perspective of Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD) as well as the structural simulation analysis capabilities of Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (MCAE).
    • MSC Software provides two primary pre-processing MCAE software applications, including Patran for FEA-based simulations and SimXpert for multi-physics simulations.
    • MSC Natran is a MCAE solver that solves structural, dynamic and thermal simulations, both in the linear and nonlinear domains.
    • Adams provides MCAE capabilities to solve multi-body dynamics simulations.
    • Easy5 provides System Engineering Simulation (SES) and controls design capabilities using first-order differential in a schematic-based interface.
    • SimManager provides the capabilities of Simulation Data Management (SDM) to manage simulation artifacts and those of Simulation Automation.
    • MaterialCenter provides capabilities to manage the definitions and properties of materials used in simulations.
  • In addition to these general purpose simulation solutions, MSC Software offers a MCAE solution set tailored for small to mid-sized manufacturers. It includes:
    • SimDesigner provides structures, thermal and dynamics capabilities embedded within Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA MCAD software applications.
    • MSC Nastran Desktop provides structures, thermal and dynamics capabilities in a desktop application.
  • Additional specialized simulation solutions offered by MSC Software include:
    • Marc is an MCAE solution focusing on nonlinear simulations.
    • Dytran solves MCAE transient dynamic and fluids-structures simulations commonly used to model automotive crash testing.
    • MSC Fatigue simulates MCAE fracture mechanics and fatigue analyses.
    • Sinda solves advanced MCAE thermal analyses common to space flight operations.
    • Actran provides MCAE capabilities for acoustics simulation commonly associated with Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) qualities of automotive products.
    • Digimat provides MCAE capabilities to simulate the behavior of composites on local scales.
    • Simufact provides MCAE manufacturing simulation capabilities.