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Overview of Autodesk

  • Offers software solutions in the form of desktop applications, mobile apps, server-based and cloud-based systems as well as implementation services
  • Provides solutions that support the design and manufacturing stages of the product lifecycle
  • Serves discrete-based product manufacturers, architectural, engineering and construction companies as well as film and gaming companies
  • Focuses on mechanical hardware aspects of products, planning and execution of construction projects and 3D modeling for games and films

Note that coverage of Autodesk on this site concentrates on their offerings that focus on design and manufacturing for discrete manufacturers.

Autodesk Products and Services

Autodesk offers a number of cloud-based subscription services, including.

  • Fusion 360 is a cloud-based service offering the capabilities of several different types of software, including Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD), Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID), Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (MCAE), Mechanical Computer Aided Manufacturing (MCAM), Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). This includes:
    • MCAD and CAID 2D and 3D geometry creation and manipulation capabilities from a direct, parametric and organic modeling perspective.
    • MCAE kinematics and dynamics simulation capabilities.
    • MCAM capabilities for milling, turning and EDM operations.
    • PDM capabilities to manage CAD data is integrated.
    • PLM capabilities to collaborate with internal and external participants.
  • Sim 360 is cloud-based service offering the structural, kinematic, dynamic, vibrational, thermal, fluids and plastics MCAEsimulation analysis capabilities. It also includes design improvement capabilities. Furthermore, it includes simulation data management of Simulation Data Management (SDM) software.
  • PLM 360 is a cloud-based service offering capabilities of PDM and PLM. This includes document management, workflow, collaboration and reporting functionality. Out-of-the-box capabilities include BOM management, change management, supplier collaboration, quality management and more.

Autodesk also offers desktop and local server based software applications and systems, including:

  • Inventor is a desktop-based software that provides capabilities from numerous software types, including.
    • MCAD and CAID 2D and 3D geometry creation and manipulation capabilities from a direct, parametric and organic modeling perspective, including capabilities for sheetmetal and tooling design. CAID rendering capabilities are also included.
    • Routed System Design (RSD) capabilities to design and route fluids systems and electrical interconnect systems.
    • MCAE simulation analysis capabilities including structural, kinematic, dynamic, vibrational and plastics.
    • Technical Illustration capabilities to create 2D and 3D documentation are delivered via Inventor Publisher.
  • Vault is a server-based software that provides CAD data management capabilities of PDM software for the deliverables and artifacts created by Inventor.
  • Eco Systems Advisor provides analysis and mockup feedback in support of sustainable design.