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Overview of ANSYS

  • Offers software solutions in the form of desktop applications, server-based and cloud-based systems as well as implementation services
  • Provides solutions that support the design stage of the product lifecycle
  • Serves discrete-and process-based product manufacturers
  • Focuses on systems, mechanical hardware, electrical hardware and software aspects of discrete products as well as the recipe and formulation aspects of process products

Note that coverage of ANSYS on this site concentrates on their offerings that focus on design for discrete manufacturers.

ANSYS Products and Services

  • Spaceclaim provides Direct Modeling and documentation capabilities of Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD), which can be used to prepare geometry for Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (MCAE) simulation modeling or Mechanical Computer Aided Manufacturing (MCAM) work. DesignModeler, as part of the Workbench Platform, fulfills a similar function, but is specifically focused on MCAE simulation modeling preparation.
  • ANSYS products cover a range of the physics that mechanical products experience, including MCAE capabilities like:
    • ANSYS Meshing, also as part of the Workbench Platform, provides pre-processor capabilities for finite-element analysis simulations. ANSYS Mechanical provides structural, linear and nonlinear, and dynamic analysis.
    • Fluent and CFX provides fluid dynamics and thermal analysis capabilities, including combustion, acoustics and chemical reactions.
    • ANSYS HFSS provides electromagnetics analysis capabilities.
    • ANSYS Redhawk provides power, noise and reliability analysis capabilities for SoC simulations.
    • ANSYS DesignXplorer provides parametric-based improvement capabilities.
  • ANSYS SCADE suite provides simulation capabilities to support the design and development of systems and embedded software, including:
    • SCADE System and Simplorer provides Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) capabilities.
    • SCADE Display provides a graphical interaction interface for SCADE models, allowing for prototyping and testing.
    • SCADE Lifecycle provides capabilities to manage SCADE artifacts and deliverables, including models and simulations.
  • ANSYS EKM provides the simulation management capabilities of Simulation Data Management and simulation process execution capabilities of Simulation Automation. ANSYS ACT provides provides Simulation Automation capabilities to capture complex simulation processes for specific applications.