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Overview of Altair

  • Offers software solutions in the form of desktop applications, server-based and cloud-based systems as well as implementation services
  • Provides solutions that support the design and manufacturing stages of the product lifecycle
  • Serves discrete-based product manufacturers
  • Focuses on system, mechanical hardware and software aspects of discrete products

Altair Products and Services

  • solidThinking Evolve provides the organic modeling and rendering capabilities of Computer Aided Industrial Design (CAID). solidThinking Inspire provides a combination of Direct Modeling capabilities of Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD) and structural analysis and topology optimization capabilities of Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (MCAE).
  • Hyperworks is a suite of simulation applications providing the pre-processor, solver, post-processor and improvement capabilities of MCAE. This includes:
    • HyperMesh provides the pre-processor capabilities for finite element analysis. RADIOSS offers structural solver capabilities. AcuSolve provides fluid dynamics solver capabilities. HyperView provides the post-processor capabilities for finite element analysis. HyperStudy provides design improvement capabilities of MCAE. OptiStruct offers topology optimization capabilities.
    • MotionView provides pre- and post-processing capabilities for dynamics simulation. MotionSolve offers dynamics solver capabilities.
  • HyperMath provides the mathematical solving capabilities of Engineering Calculation software and pre- and post-processing capabilities of MCAEHyperGraph provides graphing and plotting capabilities of Engineering Calculation software.
  • SimLab provides Simulation Automation capabilities targeted at simplifying and automating complex analysis processes.
  • VisSim provides modeling and simulation capabilities of Model Based System Engineering as well as controls systems development.
  • Altair offers MCAE simulation cloud-based services, including:
    • HyperWorks Unlimited and HyperWorks On-Demand provides Hyperworks capabilities in a pre-configured hosted environment, including hardware.
    • Altair’s Simulation Cloud Suite provides Simulation Data Management (SDM) capabilities to manage simulation artifacts and Simulation Automation capabilities for simulation driven performance improvement on cloud-based servers.
  • Other more specialized MCAE simulation offerings include:
    • HyperCrash provides multi-dynamics and fluids-structures simulation capabilities, which is commonly used for crash test analysis in the Automotive industry.
    • HyperForm and HyperXtrude provide metal forming and extruding simulation capabilities respectively.
    • FEKO provides electromagnetic simulation capabilities.