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3D CAD Model Gears Wireframe

What’s Undermining Model-Based Efforts?

  How did the world end up being so technology focused? When it comes to enabling changes in how organizations work, we very frequently turn to technology first. When there’s a missing capability, we rant. When that capability is finally included in a new version of technology, we rave. But increasingly, I’m finding that enabling

Clarifying the Confusing Terminology of Drawingless Initiatives

In this industry, terminology is a bear. There are special acronyms and terms with subtle differences that can actually have big implications. And unfortunately, there isn’t a good place to get definitions for them all. A few weeks ago, I launched survey that looks at design data interoperability, model-based enterprise initiatives and the use of

The New Management Forum at the 2011 CIC Conference

This was a great event and forum. If you couldn’t attend, you can still take advantage of the activity because the audio recording and slides from this panel are publicly available here. Furthermore, my slides as well as the audio for the presentation is directly below. You can start the audio and then page through