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3DEXPERIENCE Print to Perform

3DEXPERIENCE Print to Perform Solution

Dassault Systèmes has released a new workflow, 3DEXPERIENCE Print to Perform, as part of their product innovation platform. This post reviews the offering. It is amazing to see how quickly we’ve come into the generative design age, at least from a capability perspective. Within the past two years, numerous software providers have announced new capabilities

Generative Design Model

Can Generative Design Deliver a Productivity Boost?

This post reviews the likelihood that engineers will realize a productivity boost from generative design and topology optimization technologies. Generative design: it’s one of the hottest topics of the year. Blink and you might miss a software provider announce the availability of either topology optimization or generative design capabilities in the latest release of their application. Now,

Altair HyperWorks: Expert Mechanical Simulation

Altair HyperWorks is a suite of analysis tools for simulation experts. This post reviews this solution and the value it provides. Today’s products must operate in more and more demanding environments. To address those requirements, many organizations are trying to leverage more simulation in their development processes. One of the most advanced and mature solutions

Altair solidThinking: Mechanical Design and Analysis

Altair solidThinking is a set of applications for mechanical design and analysis. This post reviews this solution and the value it provides. There are many tools out there that mechanical engineers can use to design and analyze products. However, there aren’t many that combine the capabilities that you see in solidThinking. Let’s dive in. Note