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3D CAD Model Organic Shape

Generative Design and 3D Printing: Revolutionizing Design?

November brought news for both Generative Design and 3D Printing. This post explains how the intersection of these two trends could revolutionize design. It has been a really interesting month. Early on, I went to Denver for a 3D Systems event where they launched new units that promise production 3D Printing. A few weeks later,

3D Systems’ Figure 4 Platform: Taking 3D Printing to Production

3D System’s Figure 4 Platform is the first production 3D printing solution. This post reviews its capabilities and implications for engineers. On November 7th, 3D Systems announced several key product launches that promise to bring 3D printing from prototyping to production. Have we finally reached the tipping point for printing parts in manufacturing? In this post,

Z Corporation: 3D Printing and the Engineering Office

Product Development is a completely digital world. Everyone uses digital means to engineer and validate product designs. We’ve completely turned away from the physical world until we release to manufacturing and start producing products. Right? Right? Well. Not really. Despite all the talk of using digital tools in all parts of the design phase of