This session analyzes the requirement to make changes to design data regardless of the CAD format it was created in. Working with customer or supplier CAD data or even multiple CAD formats within your own company is critical. Learn how the engineering department can solve this dilemma as Chad Jackson discusses how this critical gap can be closed. As a contract manufacturer, Texas-based Caprock Manufacturing has to work with every type of CAD format. Caprock will explain how their team is able to import design data from any CAD file and how they can then quickly and easily make changes to that design. This ability has proven essential to Caprock’s ability to meet demanding customer timelines.

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This webinar is a good fit for anyone working with imported geometry, including Design Engineers, Simulation Analysts as well as Machinists generating CNC code. This webinar is also valuable to Engineering Directors and Managers to understanding the detriments of working with imported geometry as well as how new technologies can mitigate those issues