The Value of Simulation in Concept Design

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Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (MCAE)

Figuring out a reality-based return on investment for technology is never easy. But, unlike other tools that assist product development, the ROI for simulation is pretty solid. As I’ve written before in a post over at the NAFEMS blog, in general, there are Four ROIs of Simulation. However, for the most part, it is about avoiding multiple rounds of prototyping and testing with hard savings behind it.

As I started developing my plans for the 2013 Simulation Driven Design study, I contemplated the same question for simulation in the concept design phase. The findings came as a bit of a surprise to me. The value from simulation in concept design is markedly different from that in detailed design. That’s what I explain in this post.

You can read the whole on The Value of Simulation in Concept Design over on the Creo blog.

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