Going Mainstream: Transitioning from Concept to Detailed Design

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Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD)

iStock_000015779136MediumMy, how times have changed.

Back in February 2011, I let loose. In a post titled Every Engineer’s Dirty Little Secret? The Stigma of 2D, I lambasted an overarching message in the industry that derided the use of 2D tools as an archaic and laggard practice. I argued that 2D tools offer a legitimate means of designing products. I’ll admit it… that post was cathartic.

Fast-forward nearly three and a half years, and the whole attitude towards 2D has changed. Not only is it now seen as a key enabling technology for concept design, but also there have been serious innovations in the space. But furthermore, there are many ways to bring that work forward into more detailed 3D models.

In this post, we’ll take stock of those advances and how they affect the development of product concepts and how they can be transitioned into full-fledged detailed designs. Let’s get cracking.

To read the full post, Going Mainstream: Transitioning from Concept to Detailed Design, head over to the PTC Creo blog.

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