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Generative Design Model

Can Generative Design Deliver a Productivity Boost?

This post reviews the likelihood that engineers will realize a productivity boost from generative design and topology optimization technologies. Generative design: it’s one of the hottest topics of the year. Blink and you might miss a software provider announce the availability of either topology optimization or generative design capabilities in the latest release of their application. Now,

MBD and 2D Drawings: The Skill Burden Outside Engineering

This post contrasts the skill burden of 2D engineering drawings and model-based definitions on non-engineering hiring and onboarding. As you may or may not know, we’re getting very close to formally starting our newest research study: The Model-Based- Definition Supplier Readiness study. As part of that effort, I’m revisiting some of the areas where organizations

Implications of Agile and Scrum in Mechanical Design

Recently, many mechanical engineering teams are contemplating the adoption of agile methods for design. This post covers the implications. Not long ago, I had a happenstance conversation with a mechanical engineering manager whose team had just adopted some agile practices for design. It was a fascinating conversation, for me, as he walked through some of

Specialized System Design. It Matters. Here’s why.

There’s no doubt about it: system engineering seems to be a hot issue over the course of the last year. As I’ve dug deeper and deeper into this discipline, I’ve been a bit surprised at some of the specialization I uncovered. I mean, isn’t system engineering all the same? No. All system engineering is not