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How Many of Today’s Products Are Truly “Engineered?”

Curious question, right? For those that are in engineering and have been exposed to the development of various types of products, you might have pondered this question before. It’s hard not to see other design and engineering processes and wonder what is the same or different. But for me, it’s a little different. In the

Low Spatial Intelligence as an Impediment to 3D CAD

If you’ve been following the engineering-matters blog for a while, you know I’ve written a good bit about CAD over the past year or so. And why not? It’s been an industry that’s been re-energized by a number of big shifts in technology during that time. Several old and new software providers are trying harder

Multiple Intelligences and the Engineer

Have you ever heard someone describe intelligence in different ways? I remember while growing up, someone might be called ‘book smart’ if they were good at school studies or ‘street smart’ if they were wise in the ways of life. However, in general, I think this type of concept was dismissed as myth far more

The Impact of Reshoring Momentum on Engineering

I remember when the initial trends towards offshoring started. Manufacturers were exploring and pursuing it behind the scenes because, as you might imagine, it was terribly unpopular. The thought of moving american jobs overseas didn’t do good things for the brand and reputation for those companies. But soon enough, it became an open secret. And