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Stay Late or Go Home: Do Engineers Have a Choice?

I make an effort to read up on what’s going on the engineering world. Obviously, it’s relevant to what I write here at this blog. It helps me gauge what’s going on with lots of things ranging from technology, to engineering managerial issues to trends in engineering careers. One of the blogs I follow is

Elementary Lessons: Acquiring Knowledge and Nurturing Creativity

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a small revelation I had about the lack of acknowledgement in engineering creativity at AU. In that post, I rattled on about the fact that the paramount focus in engineering education as well as ongoing engineering professional development programs focus on the acquisition of technical knowledge and not enough

Turning a Blind Eye to the Creativity in Engineering

A few months ago, I wrote a post here at engineering-matters that talked to multiple intelligences and how they relate to the engineering field. That topic struck me as important because it acknowledges the fact that engineering requires multiple types of technical skills and knowledge. It’s not all just about book smarts or visualization. A

Let’s Play A Guessing Game: Who’s this Engineer?

Here at engineering-matters, we’ve taken on some serious topics. And rightfully so. There’s a lot going on with the engineering profession. But as we approach the holiday season, I feel like we should maybe lighten the mood a little bit. I still want to take on a serious topic but have some fun along the