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Can Mechanical Engineers Adopt Agile Product Development?

Should mechanical engineering companies adopt an agile-oriented paired design approach? That question has been raised a lot lately and it’s a pertinent one, as agile has gained an enormous amount of popularity in the world of software development over the last 12 years. At first blush, the method appears a natural for product design. It’s

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Which Causes Which? Resource Shifts or Delays?

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past few months, you know I’ve ben pulling a number of findings from the PLM Study that we conducted in January. The most interesting of those findings have had nothing to do with technology, but have provided insight into the organizational performance of engineering. In this post,

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Engineering’s Struggle to Justify Technology

Been keeping track of us on social media over the past few days? If you have, I wonder if you’ve noticed the trend. You see, we’ve been posting a few new findings on the top challenges for different technologies from past research studies, including The Simulation Driven Design Study, The Model-Based Enterprise Study and The PLM Study.


Measuring The Impact of Failed Prototypes on Release Dates

Last week, I published some scary statistics for product development in a post titled Product Development’s Grade? An Epic Fail. In the findings of that post, we found that only 13% of all product development projects are launched on time without a major shift in resources. The other 87%? Those projects were either cancelled, missed their launch