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Can Mechanical Engineers Adopt Agile Product Development?

Should mechanical engineering companies adopt an agile-oriented paired design approach? That question has been raised a lot lately and it’s a pertinent one, as agile has gained an enormous amount of popularity in the world of software development over the last 12 years. At first blush, the method appears a natural for product design. It’s

Turning a Blind Eye to the Creativity in Engineering

A few months ago, I wrote a post here at engineering-matters that talked to multiple intelligences and how they relate to the engineering field. That topic struck me as important because it acknowledges the fact that engineering requires multiple types of technical skills and knowledge. It’s not all just about book smarts or visualization. A

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Mitigating the Engineering Brain Drain Threat

The impact of the retirement of Boomer engineers is something I have been tracking for some time. It poses a serious threat to productivity in engineering organizations. While there are process and organizational changes that can be made to address that threat, there are also some technologies that can make an impact as well. The

The Impact of Reshoring Momentum on Engineering

I remember when the initial trends towards offshoring started. Manufacturers were exploring and pursuing it behind the scenes because, as you might imagine, it was terribly unpopular. The thought of moving american jobs overseas didn’t do good things for the brand and reputation for those companies. But soon enough, it became an open secret. And