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New design tools can empower engineers to develop better products faster. Yet, they can also be disruptive. Which ones are worth it?

Lifecycle Insights provides actionable insights on new design tools. Our research, thought leadership and guidance clarifies which tools are worth it and how to adopt them.

Armed with actionable insights, you pick the right new tools and adopt with minimal disruption. As a result, you design better products faster.

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Today, designing products is a grueling task.

Schedules are shorter. Products are more complex. Requirements are more challenging. Budgets are smaller. It’s never been trickier to design.

New design tools can make a difference.

They enable engineers to explore more designs, keep everything organized, virtually check performance and automate processes. When applied properly, they enable engineers to design better products faster.

Keeping pace with design tools, however, is tough.

Today’s technologies change fast. It’s challenging to understand how they work. It’s almost impossible to project how the changes impact individuals and organizations. As a result, many miss opportunities to leverage the right technologies.

We provide actionable insights on design tools.

Lifecycle Insights explains how technologies work and what it means for engineering. Our insights are unbiased, independent, clear and concise. That allows you to make informed decisions and realize more value from technology.

Armed with the right insights, you can make better design tools decisions.

You clearly understand how a specific design tool fits into your organization. You gain a coherent view of where that tool will impact performance. You acquire clarity on how best to adopt that tool. In all, that means you get more value.

What’s in the newsletter?

  • Reviews of design tools that clearly detailing its capabilities and impact on performance.
  • Insights into the leading edge design technologies.
  • Findings from survey-based research clarifying which capabilities truly matter.
  • Commonsense guidance on the selection and adoption of new design tools.

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