Today, designing products is grueling task.

Schedules are shorter. Products are more complex. Requirements are more challenging. Budgets are smaller. It’s never been trickier to design.


New technologies can make a difference.

They enable engineers to explore more designs, keep everything organized, virtually check performance and automate processes. When applied properly, they enable engineers to design better products faster.


Keeping pace with technology is tough.

Today’s technologies change fast. It’s challenging to understand how they work. It’s almost impossible to project how the changes impact individuals and organizations. As a result, many miss opportunities to leverage the right technologies.


Lifecycle insights provides insights on technologies used to design products.

Lifecycle Insights explains how technologies work and what it means for you. Our content is unbiased, independent, clear and concise, offering digestible insight on technology. In short, Lifecycle Insights helps you ‘get’ it.




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Chad Jackson is an analyst, researcher and blogger providing insights on technologies used to design products.

As a prolific writer, he has published educational thought leadership topics hundreds of times. As a sought-after speaker, he has presented dozens of times both domestically and internationally. As an astute researcher, he has surveyed thousands of engineering organizations as part of his research studies. As a commonsense co-host of numerous web shows, he has debated and pushed the limits on critical issues. Overall, Chad is an influential, independent and insightful voice on technologies used to design products. For more, visit his LinkedIn profile.


Lifecycle insights was founded in June 2010 outside Austin, Texas. We focus on systems, hardware and software engineering in discrete manufactured products. We conduct survey-based research studies, releasing and publishing findings in our content. We publish our content through digital mediums as eBooks, blog posts, webinars and web shows at online properties.



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