MBD and 2D Drawings: The Skill Burden Outside Engineering

As you may or may not know, we’re getting very close to formally starting our newest research study: The Model-Based- Definition Supplier Readiness study. As part of that effort, I’m revisiting some of the areas where organizations should get value out of such an initiative. Because this study looks at how suppliers use MBD in manufacturing, procurement, tooling design, inspection and engineering change, I thought it would be important to compare and contrast the skill requirements needed to work with 2D drawings and MBDs for those outside engineering. Read the rest of this entry »

ANSYS SCADE: Embedded Software Automation

There’s no doubt about it: smart connected products demand a lot of software. It’s used for control systems. It’s used to communicate with IoT platforms. It’s the intelligence behind user interfaces. Without embedded software, you don’t have smart connected products.

Unfortunately, developing embedded software for smart connected products is no easy task. Not only do you have to ensure that it runs as intended, you have to guarantee it runs on your target electronic hardware. Verifying that throughout the design cycle spawned an entirely new process: Model-Based Development.

That’s the background for this post, which reviews the ANSYS SCADE development and verification tool suite, which is composed of several integrated software applications. We’ll review the functionality it provides, the processes it supports and the value it delivers. Note that this solution is tightly integrated with an upcoming ANSYS product for System Simulation and Digital Twins, which will be reviewed soon in another post. This post, however, will specifically point out where that connection lies.

With all the context out of the way, let’s get started. Read the rest of this entry »

Implications of Agile and Scrum in Mechanical Design

Not long ago, I had a happenstance conversation with a mechanical engineering manager whose team had just adopted some agile practices for design. It was a fascinating conversation, for me, as he walked through some of the challenges they encountered along the way. They overcame them. They realized some big benefits. But the discussion was so intriguing to me because it cut right to the old-school core of engineering.

I’ll get to the story, but first, we need some context.

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Webinar for MBD Readiness Study Set for March 13th


Since we announced the launch of our MBD Supplier Readiness study, we’ve gotten a lot of interest and questions. On March 13th, we hosted a 30 minute webinar that answered many questions. We covered:

  • How will we be measuring supplier readiness?
  • When will the Research Report be published?
  • How do you get the complimentary analysis of your company’s suppliers?
  • What responsibilities are involved in joining the Research Board?

To watch the recorded webinar, just hit the button on the right.


If you missed the webinar, don’t worry. We recorded it for you to watch later. Just hit the button below.