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SOLIDWORKS MBD 2015: A Big Deal?

3D CAD Model Gears and Drawing

Is the demise of the 2D manufacturing drawing just around the corner? I’m sure engineers hope so. Model based definition (MBD) may be helping to do away with drawings, but it’s still not used across the board. And many engineers using MBD to annotate models with  3D product manufacturing information still have to learn a separate application, which takes time.

In the MBD module of SOLIDWORKS2015, the company’s newest release of that system, engineers can annotate 3D SOLIDWORKS models with PMI such as dimensioning and notes. While annotating 3D models already saves time formerly spent creating 2D manufacturing drawings, this new release saves engineers who design in SOLIDWORKS even more time because they don’t need a special authoring application for 3D annotation.

This post looks at what’s new and notable in SOLIDWORKS MBD 2015, the impact it has for 3D PMI annotation, what the application isn’t, and where we might see it go in the future.

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