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Update on SPLM Strategy for Engineering Solutions

It is that time again! Every year, in the fall, Siemens PLM holds an analyst event where they provide an update on their perspective on the industry, their overall strategy and updates for their products. This year, it was the week of September 7th.

This post provides an update on Siemens PLM‘s strategy for engineering solutions based on that information. This includes:

  • View and Vision of the Market
  • Strategy Driving their Technology Solutions
  • Strategy Driving Specific Products, including Teamcenter and NX and
  • Corporate Personality

Note that several new products have been launched or acquired within the past year, including Catchbook and Omneo. Those will get dedicated posts to look at their capabilities specifically. Furthermore, there are a number of initiatives that are driving development across multiple products, which will also be covered in other posts.

Let’s get started!

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