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Measuring The Impact of Failed Prototypes on Release Dates

Last week, I published some scary statistics for product development in a post titled Product Development’s Grade? An Epic Fail. In the findings of that post, we found that only 13% of all product development projects are launched on time without a major shift in resources. The other 87%? Those projects were either cancelled, missed their launch date or required a 10%+ shift in resources to get it out on time. While these findings make for startling moment, the first question is an obvious one.


Why do so many product development projects fail?

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What makes a design engineer?

A while ago, we talked on the blog about non-engineers use of CAD. And the discussion is still relevant. Defining the roles of design engineers and drafter—or CAD engineer—can be difficult for companies because those roles overlap, especially when it comes to CAD use. At the time, Chad wrote: From my perspective, I don’t think

Material Science / color molecule connection vector background

Close Up on MSC Software’s MaterialCenter

We all likely can agree that design specifications are vital and should be appropriately tracked and managed. And by now most everyone knows that design simulation and analysis—with its virtual prototyping capabilities–cuts product development costs considerably. So what about material specifications? Though they’re just as needed as their design counterparts, materials lifecycle management hasn’t been

Picture / Epic Fail

Product Development’s Grade? An Epic Fail

Research is a funny thing. You can painstakingly design a survey, hoping to prove or disprove specific hypotheses. You can vette it with practitioners, making your best effort to make sure the questions and answers reflect reality. You can plan and execute its promotion, gathering responses from the right range of respondents to ensure validity