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Do We Need a Functional Definition for Mechanical Design?

Ever had a topic that has slowly matured in your head?

You get some kind of impetus, a conversation, presentation or something else, and it bug you. You can’t quite put your finger on it. But there’s something wrong. Then you get another impetus. It might be completely unrelated. However, it is somehow connected. And your brain keeps working it. Subconsciously. Until you wake up at 3AM and it hits you. It all comes together.

I’ve had an issue like that plague me since COFES 2016. And it all has to do with how mechanical design has been left behind… or has lagged behind… or something. Let me explain.

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The Democratization of PLM

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Fighting Your 3D CAD Demons

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PTC Unveils Cohesive and Grand IoT Vision

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