Mentor’s Xpedition: Enterprise Multi-Board Design

Mentor’s Xpedition is a software suite for electronic systems and circuit board design. This post details its capabilities and associated benefits.

In the advent of the IoT era, many engineering executives are rightfully realizing just how important software is to smart connected products. And while that’s an important epiphany, there is one reality that every one of those organizations can’t ignore: electronics lies on the critical path. You can’t sense the physical world without sensors. You can’t communicate to IoT platforms without antennas. You can’t run the software that makes products smart without circuit boards. So you better develop good board design and development competencies or outsource to suppliers with them.

That’s the context for this review of Xpedition, the enterprise multi-board solution from Mentor. We’ll review the capabilities it provides. Then I’ll offer some commentary on what those capabilities mean for engineering organizations.

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